Why invest in a residence in Panama?

One of the lowest costs of living in the world for foreigners.

Convenient use of the US dollar as currency.

The best program of benefits for retirees in the world.

Panama has world class attractions, a cosmopolitan Miami style city, vibrant and full of life, with exotic rainforests, countless beaches offering the privilege of having two coasts on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, beautiful mountain areas with the perfect weather, world class golf courses, exciting destinations for scuba diving, fishing, and extreme sports, among many others! With all this and more, you will always have a destination to visit in Panama and activities to do.

Advantages of living in Panama

Panama has the third or fourth largest economy in Central America and is also the fastest growing economy and the largest per capita consumer in Central America. In 2013, Panama ranked 4th among Latin American countries in terms of Human Development Index, and 59th in the world. Since 2010, Panama remains the second most competitive economy in Latin America, according to the Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum. The jungle of Panama is home to an abundance of tropical plants, animals and birds – some of them found nowhere else in the world.

Official Language

Constitutional Democracy with Unitary President

– Total 75,517 km2 (118) | 29,157 square miles
– Water (%) 2.9

– January 2013 census: 3,661,868
– Density54.2/km2 (156) |140.6/sq. mi

GDP (PPP) 2012 estimate
– Percapita$ 15,616

GDP (nominal) 2012 estimate
– Per capita $ 9,526 [1]

US Dollar

Grupo los Pueblos