Embassy Club

Embassy Club is the most complete residential complex in Panama City created for those who love nature with a Spanish Colonial style, where its architecture intertwines with lush green landscape and consists of about 35% of areas with plants and protected species.



Courtyard Residences

Embassy Club

Courtyard Residences” are located amid dense foliage, representing the essence of its natural environment, while maintaining an interesting view of a small forest from multiple locations of the apartments. For your convenience, these condominiums are only 5-7 stories high and equipped with elevators.

Garden Apartments

Embassy Club

Garden Apartments consist of 3 stories high and vary between 10 and 14 apartments located in a terraced style amidst the residential hills. A spectacular view is achieved of the surroundings and the Metropolitan Natural Park from the highest point and descending at different levels, depending on the position of each of the clusters. These apartments represent an interesting low density residential alternative, full of luxury and comfort since they have a private elevator and maintain the advantages offered by living on one level only.

Club Town

Embassy Club

“The Club Town” has a wide variety of residential alternatives: Single Family Homes and Town Homes. We offer a wide range of colors to choose from, as well as various options for interior distributions and facades to suit your individuality. We have created very special areas such as ample terraces, interesting balconies and convenient parking. Additionally, our team of architects and interior designers has selected excellent finishes of internationally renowned brands to ensure your satisfaction.


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